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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

LaLa More reviewed Five Tenets Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

Five Tenets has provided a safe, nurturing, yet firm environment for which provides a conducive learning environment. The level of care and karate that the instructors show their students, including my son has been instrumental in his growth, as a karate student, and a student of life. Thank you. I've truly seen the growth in my child.

Nina Smith Redondo reviewed Five Tenets Martial Arts Center
via Facebook

So glad we moved from another school to 5T. Our youngest son is on the autism spectrum, very high functioning. The other place complained to us every day and always threatened to drop him from class. Mr. Jeremy, Mr. White and the whole 5T team are amazing with him and our other son. There is a level of comfort and trust with 5T that is evident when you visit. They are always willing to take a second to speak if you need them. Don't go with the big chains....join the 5 Tenents family and give them a chance to teach your kids. You'll be glad you did.

Vannetta Bailey reviewed Five Tenets Martial Arts Center
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I am still happy my grandson Davonte attend this martial arts school. This place is great for teaching discipline and respecting others. Also, great for physical fitness! I highly recommend any parent to have their child visit Five Tenets!

Diana Lorena Estrada reviewed Five Tenets Martial Arts Center
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Classes have great different times to choose from, you pick the time and day you could go for your child's age class. They are very patient and put extra time for those who need that little push to make it better. I like the balance between being strict but not scary. The games they do in classes after the lessons are fun but ALWAYS meaningful to the lessons learned.

Priscilla Jaeger reviewed Five Tenets Martial Arts Center
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My daughter loves this class. I was very happy to see other little girls there and enjoying themselves too. I have heard of other places specifically asking why put a girl in martial arts, here they accepted her with was no questions. They treat everyone like they have known us for years and I've only been here for about a month. They are respectful to the children and have fun in their teachings. You can tell it is the passion of Mr Jeremy, Mr White, Mr BK and all that have helped out, to teach martial arts. I hope it never changes.

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How to Enjoy Thanksgiving (without Forgoing Fitness)

Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. While many Americans look forward to Thanksgiving Day as an opportunity to eat whatever they want without counting calories, it’s important not to lose sight of fitness – even as you face down a plate of turkey with all the fixings. Here are some ideas to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving while also being true to your fitness and exercise goals.

Exercise Leading up to Thanksgiving

The first thing you can do to ensure that Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t mean the end of fitness is not to neglect your normal exercise routine in the days leading up to the holiday. If you normally hit your martial arts school or gym for an hour-long workout, make sure to do it. The exercise will ensure that your metabolism is revved up and that you’re ready to burn off the food you eat on Thanksgiving.

Fitness on Thanksgiving Day

Your regular martial arts schools or gym might be closed on Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean you should take the day off from exercise. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure that you stay fit and healthy. For example:

1. Eat a healthy, protein-rich breakfast. You might think that it makes sense to hoard
calories for the Thanksgiving meal, but the truth is that if you eat a good breakfast
you’ll be less likely to binge later in the day. Try having scrambled eggs or whole grain
cereal with milk as a way of ensuring your stomach isn’t grumbling all day.

2. Take a long walk or go for a run in the morning. The benefit of getting some kind of
exercise early in the day is that it will burn some calories and prevent you from feeling
sluggish. It will also get you out of the house and away from high-calorie snacks that
might be available. If you have an at-home gym or weight room, or if the weather is
bad, you can get your exercise at home.

3. When mealtime arrives, be smart about what you eat. You don’t need to have triple
servings at Thanksgiving to be satisfied. If there are very rich dishes on the table, have
just a spoonful so you can taste them without going overboard.

4. Take another walk after dinner. You don’t have to go right away, but if you get outside
and get moving after the big meal, your body will burn some of the calories you’ve
taken in. You can even make the walk a family affair and get everybody some much needed exercise.

The key is not to let Thanksgiving be an excuse for throwing away your usual fitness goals.

The Day after Thanksgiving

Just as important as what you do on Thanksgiving is what you do the day after. You can’t afford to let one day of indulgence rob you of your fitness, so get right back into your normal exercise and fitness routine as soon as possible.

Thanksgiving and fitness don’t need to be mutually exclusive. If you follow these tips, you can give thanks for both food and fitness at the same time!